Christmas 2014

Andrew’s sermon from 2014-12-07 AM, on Isaiah 9:1-9: The Birth that Changed the World: Part 1

…and the follow-up message from 2014-12-14 AM, on Luke 2:1-20: The Birth that Changed the World: Part 2

On 2014-12-14 PM, Ray Smith considered the predictions of the birth of Christ; the message was not recorded.

What does Jesus say about... "Merry Xmas"? This year, more and more schools are dispensing with the traditional nativity play.  The Christmas story, depicting the birth of Jesus, is being replaced by Elvis, footballers and aliens, in what are increasingly becoming known as “winter celebrations”.  The question is: without Jesus, is there anything to celebrate?  Can you really have a “Merry Xmas”?  We considered this question at our family service on Sunday 21 December.

Andrew’s message from our carol service on 2014-12-21 PM, on Isaiah 9, Luke 2 and Matthew 2: Will There Ever be Peace on Earth?

Andrew’s Christmas morning message:

Ray’s message from Sunday 2014-12-28 AM, on Ephesians 6:10-20: God Equips the Believer

2014-01-04 AM, by Andrew, on Romans 1:1-18: Not Ashamed (New Year messages, 1 of 2)

2014-01-04 AM, by Ken, on Philippians 3: Pressing On (New Year messages, 2 of 2)