Acts, Page 2: January to July 2019

Part 11 (2019-01-13 AM), Acts 5:33-42 – Worthy to Suffer Dishonour Part 12 (2019-02-03 AM), Acts 6:1-7 – Maintaining the Unity of the Church Part 13 (2019-02-10 AM), Acts 6:8-15 – Hostility Towards the Church Intensifies Part 14 (2019-03-03 AM), Acts 6:16-7:60 – A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Christian Part 15 (2019-03-10 AM), Acts 8:1-8 – The Word of God Spreads Part 16 (2019-04-28 AM), Acts 8:9-25 – How to Be Sure Part 17 (2019-05-05 AM), Acts 8:26-40 – Conversion Part 18 (2019-06-09 AM), Acts 9:1-19 – A Most Unlikely Convert Part 19 (2019-06-23 AM), Acts 9:20-31 – How God Prepares Us for His Service Part 20 (2019-07-21 AM), Acts 9:32-10:23a – How God Prepares Us for a Greater Service

Change of Bible Translations

From the beginning of September, we will be using the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible in our Sunday services and other public meetings.

Until now, we have been using the 1984 NIV (New International Version), but in the last few years the publishers have withdrawn the 1984 text in favour of their 2011 revision; it is no longer possible to buy new printed copies of the version which we have been using, and there also seems to be an ongoing, systematic effort to remove it from online services.  Since it is impractical to continue using a translation which is out of print, and we are uncomfortable with some of the theological implications of the changes in the 2011 NIV, we have decided to adopt the ESV for use in our meetings instead.

Of course, our members are free to continue using the NIV – or any other translation of their choice – for their own private reading; the change applies only to what will be read from the front (and projected on the screen) during our public meetings.

Our last service using the NIV was on Sunday 30 August, and the first using the ESV will be on Sunday 6 September.

Welcome to the new YBC site!

We’ve decided it’s time to launch a new version of our website, built on a more flexible platform that will make it easier for various people within the church (e.g. the pastor, the youth leaders, and so on) to add information.  And sometimes pictures, because as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words!  Well, we decided last year that we wanted to make the change, but it’s taken a while to get it all up and running – but here we are at last.  The main thing that still needs to be added is the sermon uploads, which we’ll hopefully be working on over the next few weeks.

I’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of myself and the church, to publicly thank Tom Oakley at 5 Lines Creative for helping us get the new site up and running – much appreciated.

Matt Colclough